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A Turnkey Learning Event

Event includes:
• License to Screen Film

We provide you with an exclusive license to screen the film during your event. The film may not be recorded or distributed outside of your event without written permission.

• Event Management 

We take care of all the details surrounding your event including arranging a venue (normally a local theatre), catering details, and coordinating screening audio and visual requirements. 

• Invitation and Marketing Package

We provide you with custom invitations (template or mailed by us) for your event. In addition, we provide a 30 day social media marketing package to build excitement and maximize attendance.

• Film Producer, Joseph Frost to Attend Event

We arrange to have the producer of the film attend your screening and lead a discussion after the film. As an entrepreneur and professor of entrepreneurship, Joe is uniquely qualified to discuss the making, marketing, and meaning of the film.

Learning Event Fee:  $5000 plus*

*Additional fees include venue rental, caterings costs and travel expenses

Ask about Optional Event Enhancements

Panel Discussion

Winter Forum

Seasons Workshop

Fundraising for Non-profit

Matching Grants available for qualifying organizations. Apply here: Matching Grant
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