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Screening of Frost Media Group’s Documentary Set for May 7th

Frost Media Group ( has released a documentary on entrepreneurship, “Winter is Coming: Surviving the Seasons of Entrepreneurship.” The short film, sponsored by The Midland University MBA Program in association with Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Nebraska, builds upon the idea that entrepreneurs must be prepared to endure the various seasons – or ups and downs – of owning their own business.

The next Omaha screening will take place on May 7th at 1000 Dodge from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. RSVP at

While the film highlights the inevitable struggle of entrepreneurship – which is metaphorically described as the winter season – the overarching theme is one of optimism and self-determination. The four business owners featured in the documentary walk the viewers through their own seasons of feast and famine, offering valuable advice to would-be entrepreneurs enduring winters in their own businesses.

Stand-out points of advice coming from the four entrepreneurs include never accepting the idea of giving up, leaning on trusted friends and family, financially preparing for slumps in sales and business, the importance of having a diverse client base to ensure various streams of income, and always being open to learning and growing as an entrepreneur.

The film is not only a testimony to the necessity of creativity and perseverance, but likewise a brilliant expose on the entrepreneurial spirit which is thriving in the Omaha metro area.

For more information on Frost Media Group please visit

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