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I continue to roll back in my mind through Chris, Mike and Troy's stories. The full impact of your film is hard to express - the obvious kinship from one entrepreneur to another is easy - but that sticky story of winter really makes it powerful, useful, and inspiring! I loved the work. Well done!!


Danielle Shares Her Thoughts on Winter is Coming

EO Member Nate Underwood Talks About Winter is Coming

Speaking for so many of the entrepreneurs I know, “Winter is Coming” is an important film.  It pulls back the vail of glamor and success so often associated with entrepreneurship and established hard truths about the reality of risk, initiative, and the people that take them.




Marilyn Puts Winter is Coming into Perspective



"I knew they had similar experiences to me, but to to hear it, and to hear the depth of the feeling, you know, like being at the edge of a bridge and thinking this must be what somebody feels like before they jump off, or getting that phone call and going wait a minute, what is this going to mean, what does this mean for me and my business, the depth is what I enjoyed about the movie, getting the depth of their experience, cause I think it's something I can learn from.


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